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Have you ever wondered how the orders from your favorite e-commerce websites arrive at your doorstep on time, how the packaging, storage, billing, and transportation are just perfect and effortless; it’s because of the places where these commodities are stored, packed, and shipped – The Warehouses. Not only the e-commerce industry but also the largest working sector of India, Agriculture, relies on these warehouses. Imagining agriculture without warehouses is next to impossible. VS Trans offers affordable warehousing services in India.

Warehousing Services in India | Top Warehousing Company In India- VS Trans Lojistik LLP

Warehouses are not just a building with stacked goods but complete service. So, they are design by considering many factors like:

  • Capacity
  • Geographical Conditions
  • Inventory Management
  • Safety of the Items
  • Ease of transportation

In a developing and highly populated country like India, with one of the largest populations relying on agriculture and millions of people who shop online regularly, warehouses play an important role. Like the country is developing, the Warehouse Industry can also be considered “developing” or “nascent.” According to recent data, the Indian warehouse market stood at a value of INR 676 Billion and was projected to grow at around 9%. Also, you can visit. Logistic Company In India

Highlights of Current Warehousing Services in India

There are multiple highlights of warehousing services in India that can help you transform your business’s shape.

  1. Government’s Emphasis on Make-In-India
  • India is now producing commodities and automatically feels the need to store them. The growth of this sector is the growth of the manufacturing sector.
  1. International & Interstate Trade
  • When the market is reaching the next level of trade, these places are adopting new ways to work to avoid losses due to damage of the items, spoilage of eatables, and injuries to the workforce. Many warehouses are planning to go fully automated.
  1. Automated Warehouses
  • For companies with a vast labor force, complex yard management, invoicing, cross-docking, etc., keeping a record of everything manually might sound like a joke in the era of 5G. Digital India project, very successfully, can develop an idea of automated warehouses working on the principles of IT.
  1. Losses due to poor management
  • It was said that the country lost a significant part of its GDP just because of poor warehouse management in 2017-18. The losses the country faced is like a lesson to upgrade the system. The lesson was worth $14 Billion.

Warehousing companies are always at a high risk of this loss because due to some unfavorable geographical conditions, the whole crop comes at a high risk of loss. Air Cargo Service In India


Moreover, we should know that the country already faces a shortage of warehouses. The market has understood the problem and planned to increase the area devoted to warehouses. In 2020, the plan was to increase the area from 3 lakhs to 1600 million sq. ft.  Thus, the partnership and collaboration between the manufacturers and distributors will make the process more straightforward.

VS Trans is the perfect investment of your money for cargo services. Along with all these factors, an essential factor is Warehouse Automation. A successful warehouse automation system can bring a surprisingly positive change in the entire system by reducing wastage, injuries, and misplacement losses. Contact us for more information.

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