A freight forwarder is also known as a non-vessel operating carrier(NVOCC). It organizes shipments for the clients, including the management of all the services required to get the goods from the company manufacturing plant and send them to the final distribution point. Freight forwarders have all the facilities of transport, including trucks, ships, planes, railcars, and multiple carriers, which helps to move your freight from one point to another or send it to a different country. VS Trans Lojistik LLP– Warehousing Company in India offer the reliability of storing your goods.

Warehousing Company in India | Warehousing services in India- VS Trans Lojistik LLP

VS Trans is provide specialize, efficient services, reliable solutions, and the best customer services to stand by our customers’ needs. As the best Logistic company, we believe in professionalism and perfection. Moreover, we work through our dedication, professional attitude, and experience in our service to give our best. We helps us be ahead and manage and optimize the entire supply chain.¬†Furthermore, our dedication always comes ahead of your expectations which is our strength in making our service and customer happy. So, our strength includes-

  • Fast in problem solving and open to new solutions, services, ideas, and products.
  • We are always flexible to work according to you and the market needs.
  • Our improvement is not constant. It always increases when we are found to be outdate.
  • Always ready to add some innovations and go beyond the business practices.
  • Willingness to negotiate.
  • We always ensure to provide the highest quality and accountability level.

How do warehousing companies work?

Working of a Warehousing Services in India is in a sequence of different records and processes which need to be done before the shipment of the goods or cargo. Furthermore, let us see the process which is include in the freight forwarding. The warehousing companies in India work smoothly to provide better services to users.

Shipment tracking

  • This includes the transportation tracking at each stage of shipment voyages; forwarders use transport management systems to maintain visibility throughout the shipment.

Costumes brokerage

  • The forwarding requires a proper customs brokerage license, as the license brokers are the only qualified officials to manage and submit the proper documentation for importing and exporting.


  • Now, here the forwarders offer a storage service in a warehouse that should be own and operate by the local affiliates.


  • It generally consists of bargaining for cost-efficient shipping rates, which requires appealing to carriers’ interest to know the pros and cons of the shipment type, credit status, space requirements, and time flexibility.

Cargo space scheduling

  • Forwarders’ skill set includes the scheduling of the cargo space. Thus, they must plan and determine whether the shipment is profitable, time-saving, and flexible for the different shipping options.

We are supplying Cargo insurance

  • This is also known freight insurance. This insurance generally ensures reimbursement to the payee if any goods are damage or stolen in transit.

Many customers need to transport shipments that are not necessarily part of the entire container. In the consolidation, all shipments which are multiple and small are book aboard in the same container, and then the shipping cost is spread among all the customers base on the space require by their cargo.

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