Cross Trade

With our Cross Trade services, we can handle your transportation needs from one country to another by road, train, air, or sea. From residential removals to pet relocation, from arts and museum logistics to cross-trade. We provide worldwide delivery from any place to the ultimate location of your choice.

To make your shipments easy, we rely on an extensive network of trustworthy shipping agents and experienced global partners in important transit destinations worldwide. We provide entire cross-border trading consulting to our clients, guiding them through the legalities and regulations at every step.


We have a transparent process, and you can see our steps quickly. We handle damage or breakage of your goods.


We believe that smooth services are provided by working together as a team. However, the customer experience is continuously improved by working in coordination.


We adhere to a strict schedule. In addition to guaranteed on-time delivery, the company continuously strives to improve the system.


We also provide cargo security for your peace of mind. When there is any damage to your items, our clients are prepared to pay the total amount.

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