International Air Freight Companies: – Air transport services are the most valuable when it comes to shipping express shipments over the world. Airfreight is just a similar word for air cargo in which the shipment of goods is completed via air carrier. Commercial and passenger airlines use the same airports as freight. On the other hand, airfreight refers to the cost of air freight transportation of commodities. The price paid for the items when they are dispatched from one location to another is known as freight. As a result, air freight refers to the costs of air transportation.

International Air Freight Companies | Types of Air Freights- VS Trans Lojistik LLP

There are two types of air freights that international air freight companies use, which are as follows-

  1. General cargo- High-value items such as electronics, jewelry, and medications are included in general cargo. Airfreight is more expensive than sea freight, but due to high margins and the fragility of certain technological goods, it is the most appropriate mode of transit.
  2. Special cargo- Unique cargo necessitates exceptional transportation circumstances, such as temperature control, specific air conditions, or a protective case.

Benefits of air freight

Air Cargo Service In India has crucial benefits that make them stand for international-level logistics. So, let us have a look at some benefits or advantages of air freight:

High speed

  • Airfreight is a sort of freight that may travel great distances in a short amount of time. This makes this model the best option if the client has to ship a product quickly or if their freight requires special protection or acclimatization. It is the quickest means of transportation, perfect for long-distance freight transit. It saves you time.

Quick service

  • Air transportation provides easy, dependable, and quick transportation. It offers a consistent, practical, dependable, and rapid service. It is thought to be the most cost-effective method of transporting peregrinated commodities. International Logistics Service Provider In India

Send your freight practically anywhere.

  • Air travel is regarded as the only way of transportation in areas where other modes of transportation are not readily available.
  • All regions are welcome, regardless of land interference. Many airlines have access to a vast network of airlines that spans nearly the world. This makes it possible to send the package practically anywhere.

A high level of security

  • High level of security with minimal chance of robbery or injury. Because airport cargo safety requirements are tightly enforced, aviation shipping has a high level of security. Tightly monitored airport restrictions also reduce cargo theft and loss.

The natural path

  • A plane can fly to any destination without any natural barriers or obstructions. Customs formalities are simple to compile.

Heavy packing is no longer required

  • In general, air exports require less rigid packing than ocean cargoes. Not having to provide additional packing services will save you time and money.

How do international air freight companies work and provide services?

Various steps include the whole processing of international air freight working. Let us talk about international air freight Indian company VS Trans.

  • Registration and pickup
  • Confirmation and labeling of the goods
  • Customer clearance at the airport of the origin
  • Storage and departure
  • Unloading of cargo
  • Costumes clearance at the destination
  • Delivery

Services that VS Trans provide in their international air freight

There are multiple services provided by Famous Transport Company In India that can help businesses. So, here are some of these services.

  • Services for Global Consolidation
  • For time-sensitive items, we offer express delivery and emergency service.
  • Priority and competition Service for Air Freight
  • Freight Delivery Overnight
  • Cargo import clearance at the discharge port
  • Specialists in documentation
  • System of tracking and tracing for general cargo and perishable goods
  • Airport-to-Airport and Door-to-Door Service

By looking at these services, you can easily choose between VS Trans Lojistik LLP and other transportation companies in the market.

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