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On behalf of shippers, freight forwarding services in India include strategic logistics strategy and execution for the international transportation of commodities. Negotiating freight rates, container tracking, customs documentation, and freight consolidation are tasks of a freight forwarder. Importing and exporting provide attractive prospects for companies with the financial means to carry out comprehensive logistical plans.

Freight forwarders or VS Trans Lojistik LLP play a critical role in the transportation industry by assisting businesses in streamlining the shipping process. For manufacturers with substantial shipping needs, importing and exporting can quickly become costly and time-consuming, and freight forwarders may help them cut costs and improve efficiency.

What is the difference between freight forwarding and logistic companies? | Freight forwarding services in India- VS Trans Lojistik LLP

Logistics  Freight forwarding 
  • , Unlike freight forwarders, logistics companies own all of their assets, including intermodal fleets of trucks, boats, and planes. Still, they do not have access to actual transportation routes. Companies familiar with specializing in a dry box, long haul, cold storage, intercity, or big scale logistics. They’ll try to cover every area of the supply chain simultaneously.
  • A logistics business is in charge of handling the actual movement of items across the supply chain. They may also be in charge of documentation in some situations.
  • Freight forwarders frequently work with several logistics firms, both nationally and globally, which means that price checking capabilities are significantly superior to what you would get if you worked with just one Logistics Company.


  • Freight forwarders also have more knowledge and experience with specialty companies, which might differ significantly in terms of modes of transportation, house moving, fragile products, and lead times, among other things.

Steps included in Freight forwarding

Haulage for export

  • Export haulage is the movement of goods from a shipper’s location to a freight forwarder’s facility. Moving them usually necessitates the use of a vehicle or train. The distance, geographical location, and nature of the items influence how long it takes. This initial phase could last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

Checkpoint for export haulage items

  • Following the export haulage step, freight forwarders receiving the products will inspect and confirm that everything was delivered safely.

Export customs approval

  • Clearance from the country of origin is required before things can be exported.  In charge of this process is the customs broker. They must provide information about the shipment and any necessary supporting paperwork.

Customs clearance for imports

  • Authorities in the destination must review import customs documentation once the shipment arrives. The freight forwarder or designated customs broker must have completed this clearance by the time the cargo arrives.

Arrival at destination and handling

  • Once the cargo arrives, this stage involves various operations. At this stage, freight forwarders will get all cargo paperwork, including overdue documentation, carrier bills, and more.

Import haulage

  • This operation, nearly equivalent to export haulage, carries cargo from the warehouse to the intended receiver’s final location. Freight forwarders can help with this process, or the consignee can pick up the shipment directly.

Indian freight forwarding company

Let us talk about an Indian freight forwarding company VS Trans. The company has provided national and international freight services for an extended period. They are best at every step with excellent management and service providers; they have air, sea, and land freight facilities.

They offer dedicated shared warehousing and distribution; it has a team of experts who can clear your goods quickly, experts in handling projects, and door-to-door services, and provides a wide range of time-defined and specialist services.

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