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Does your small-scale business require shipping high value but low-volume cargo? In this context, you can consider reliable air freight cargo shipping services for the ease of your small-scale business.

Business owners -especially those operating on a smaller scale, are mostly worried about the overall weight limitations and costs associated with the cargo. Air freight transportation offers a wide range of benefits to such businesses than other modes of transportation.

It is estimated that every year, around 2-3 percent of the total cargo volume gets delivered by air. While it might appear a smaller percentage, it still represents around 35 percent of the total cargo value. Air freight turns out to be a crucial aspect of the supply chains across the world. Consumer-centric expectations related to faster shipping have only increased lately. In such a case, air freight turns out to be the ultimate solution for most businesses having high-value, low-volume shipments.

Air transportation is one of the fastest modes of transporting goods -both across national as well as international markets. Let us find about the advantages of air freight cargo services for small businesses.

What are the Advantages of Air Freight Shipping for Small Businesses?

Air transport or air freight shipping is one of the most efficient ways to move goods. The shipping approach has become quite common quite lately as far as distribution protection and speed are concerned. If you wish to save significantly on the costs of shipping goods of your small business to other parts of the nation or globe, here are some benefits you can leverage out of reliable air freight shipping services:

  1. Speed & Efficiency

Air freight serves to be the fastest way of delivering cargo -especially for small businesses operating on multiple transactions. Cargo planes are known to travel at a speed of around 900 km/hr. This implies that any shipment you will eventually make will ultimately reach the desired destination in the fastest possible time.

The overall speed of air shipments makes it a highly attractive option for businesses selling perishable items. Even across huge distances like continents, you can go ahead with getting your goods delivered in no time. Due to improved efficiency and quick transit times, small businesses are capable of meeting tight deadlines while keeping up the rising customer demands in a hassle-free fashion.

  1. Increased Security

With air freight shipping, your shipment will be making fewer stops on an average. In this aspect, air freight services take security to another level while making the process of tracking efficient. Airport security and safety are topmost priorities. Therefore, by default, your shipment will be handled with care. With airport freight packages, there are minimal chances that your packages will get stolen out of airports in comparison to a postal hub or port.

Goods that are shipped through air freight witness minimal handling -leaving few opportunities for potential accidents. Transit time is also reduced significantly. Therefore, there is a smaller window for something unexpected to happen.

  1. Global Reach

During the earlier days of aviation, air freight was not able to compare to sea transportation. In the modern era, you have the ease of door-to-door delivery in any corner of the world with the help of air freight shipment services.

Most major airlines feature a solid and complex network of destinations and airports while covering core areas. Due to this reason, air freight does not impose any limitation as far as geographical access is concerned. Opening doors to major parts of the world imply a wider reach while serving more customers seamlessly.

  1. Flexibility

When you are shipping with air freight cargo shipping services, your business becomes open to more locations for the safest delivery of your goods. Depending on land or road freight implies going through major transportation networks. This will, however, leave out smaller nations of the world. As more doors are opened to major parts of the world, it implies a wider reach and more customers getting served.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

When you ship your goods through land or ship, packaging will always turn out to be an expensive affair. You are expected to ensure that all falls and bumps are absorbed significantly and the cargo will not be damaged. On the other hand, air freight will require quite lightweight packing. It will not only cost less but will also help in expediting the entire process.

Moreover, due to quicker transit times, air freight premiums tend to be lower -especially in comparison to other forms of shipping. The less time your goods will be in route, the minimal will be the risk of getting stolen or lost.

  1. Reliability

Sea shipments are highly prone to unreliable shipping. In case of air freight, the overall risk of damaging products gets reduced significantly. Additionally, departures of airlines also tend to be quite frequent. You can select almost any hour of the day when you would like your goods to be delivered at the destination. This versatility and reliability make air freight a highly trusted provider of transportation services for small businesses.

  1. Door-to-door Services

The international network of airline services offer a wider scope of services for covering the diverse needs of different clients. This will include a stronger relationship with carriers, freight forwarders, GPS logistics, customs agents, and operators. This ensures the delivery of door-to-door services of your packaging.

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Through the provision of fast and effective transportation of air freight services, customer satisfaction is improved significantly. In turn, it will lead to better customer loyalty while also creating repeat business for small-scale business.

  1. Increased Competitive Advantage

Air freight shipping services offer small businesses a competitive advantage over others. It is because small businesses are capable of meeting the demands of the end customers quickly and efficiently. It eventually helps small-scale businesses stand out in the market while attracting new customers.

  1. Customization

Air freight shipping services offer a wide range of customization options -including packaging, special handling, and labeling requirements. In turn, customization can assist smaller businesses in meeting the unique needs of the end customers.


International shipping -especially by air freight shipping services, is regarded as one of the best ways to expand your small business across the globe. By leveraging its wide range of benefits, you can expand the network of your small business while also increasing the overall revenues.

If you are searching for a reliable air freight shipping logistics company to assist you with the transportation of goods across the globe, VS Trans Lojistik LLP is your one-stop destination. Simplify your freight and transportation requirements with VS Trans Lojistik LLP delivering the ease of faster and safer air freight shipping services.

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